5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions

Page speed is one of the most critical components for a pleasant client experience, thus making your website faster is a top priority. We live in a society where fast gratification is valued, and this applies to being rewarded for a quick online experience by search engines and website users alike. This blog explores 5 ways to improve website speed and enhance conversions. 

Your website is an essential component of your personal brand. It’s your hidden salesperson and media source, but so many businesses fail to leverage their website for its primary purpose: to create leads. Even a 1% increase in the conversion rate of visitors to leads on your website may substantially impact your sales.

What is Website Speed?

The time it takes for your web page to load is referred to as page speed. Because of so many aspects of a page load in diverse ways, it’s difficult to assign a single, overall figure to website performance. We recommend selecting and staying with a site speed tool for calculating site speed.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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Why Website Speed Is Important?

For starters, both search engines and people want your site to load quickly. Google suggested ten years ago, a period in terms of SEO, that website speed and page load times were SEO ranking factors. Because Google’s algorithm is designed for mobile-first optimization, page load times are much more critical.

True, speed is only one of 200 SEO ranking elements used by Google to rank your site. In a study of 1 million Google search results, Backlinko discovered “a substantial association between site speed and Google ranks.” Furthermore, as previously said, page speed has a significant influence on bounce rates and conversion rates. If you haven’t already started optimizing your website for performance, you should.

Two key areas impacted by website speed:

User Experience

The results of a search engine appear nearly instantaneously. We anticipate that sites will fall in line. Then, if they don’t, we don’t stay. The reality is that the internet is littered with websites that have the same content as hundreds of others.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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When a site takes too long to load, consumers simply hit the back button and go on to the next link in the list. This has a direct association with conversions, with a single-second delay resulting in a 7% fall in conversions. Giving visitors a quick experience encourages them to stay on your site and makes it easier for them to buy from you.


Did you know that three of Google’s top SEO ranking indicators (time on site, pages per session, and bounce rate) are all affected by page speed? They are all part of the user experience. If your site has slow load times, search engines will penalize it in its rankings. Why? Because offering inaccurate or misleading results undermines faith in the search engine.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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People would soon switch to Bing if Google continually offered them sites with poor content, took a long time to load, and were littered with popups and adverts. Because customers rely on search engines throughout the customer journey, the ranking of your website can have a direct impact on your income.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed

Depending on your time, budget, and expertise, hiring out your website performance optimization may be more cost-effective. Investing in website performance optimization services may result in increased online sales, leads, and conversions. Here are 5 Ways to Improve Website speed:

1. Use a CDN

The term “content delivery network” refers to a geographically distributed set of servers that collaborate to enable quick delivery of internet content. CDNs allow you to swiftly transport material such as HTML pages, JavaScript and CSS files, photos, and videos.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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They improve website performance by caching material in many places across the world. Because CDN cache servers are often positioned closer to end-users than the server of origin, page load times can be reduced.

2. Shift to a Better Site Host

Shared hosting is most likely the form of hosting you are most familiar with. Because you share resources like disc space, RAM, and CPU with other sites on the same shared server, shared hosting is the most affordable option to get your site up. Shared hosting is substantially slower than VPS and dedicated hosting.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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With VPS hosting, you get your own tiny piece of a shared server, which means your site settings will not conflict with those of other clients on the same server. This is an excellent choice for sites with ordinary traffic. Dedicated servers are the most expensive, and they must be maintained by a system administrator. However, you will not be sharing resources.

Many high-traffic organizations choose managed host, in which a hosting provider offers technical services such as hardware and software setup, configuration, and maintenance, hardware replacement, tech support, patching, upgrading, and monitoring.

3. Reduce JavaScript and CSS

The technique of deleting unneeded or redundant data from your code without changing how the resource is handled by the browser is known as minification. This might include deleting code comments and formatting, reducing unneeded code, and utilizing shorter variable and function names, among other things.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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Minification reduces the size of CSS and JavaScript files, allowing them to load quicker and consume less bandwidth. Minification alone will only provide minimal speed boosts and should be used in conjunction with the other advice on this page.

4. Use Lazy Loading

High-resolution graphics can significantly slow down the loading speed of your website. Furthermore, they increase memory use and page weight. While you could remove them from your site, you should definitely keep them because photos improve user experience significantly. Lazy loading is an excellent answer to this issue.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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Your webpage loads in parts with lazy loading. This implies that just the content that the viewer is viewing is loaded. The rest is postponed till the guest arrives. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to load. Lazy loading is especially critical for content-heavy single-page websites.

5. Use Correct Tools

There are tools available to help you determine how fast your website is and what you can do to enhance it. The best tool for you is determined by your goals and the level of analysis required. You may rest confident that there are instruments for any budget.


Pingdom is one of the top business performance monitoring services, providing minute-by-minute web performance monitoring and uptime notifications. Pingdom provides detailed insights into page speed and performance via SMS or email notifications. Pingdom is a premium service, however, it offers a 14-day free trial.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a fantastic free page speed testing tool that allows you to evaluate the performance of any URL. It offers you an overall page speed score and tells you if the page is quick, average, or sluggish based on that number. It divides the score into mobile and desktop performance and offers tips on how to improve speed.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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GTmetrix provides a free account that provides information about page performance. If you want a more extensive analysis, you can set up a free account or upgrade to the premium version.

You’ll get information on performance ratings, as well as easy-to-understand page speed grades ranging from A to F. You will also get access to YSlow, a tool that will tell you why your page is sluggish. GTmetrix also provides information such as page load time, overall size, and the number of HTTP requests.

5 Ways to Improve Website Speed and Enhance Conversions
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Website Speed for Better Conversions

You’ve most certainly invested a significant amount of time, effort, and money in creating a stunning website that promotes your company. But even the most attractive website is useless if no one visits it. Prioritize website speed optimization and aim to provide visitors with an experience that is amazing in terms of both speed and content to guarantee that you are getting the most out of your site.

We, at SquareBase, can help you to grow your business and touch the heights. We love to help businesses. Contact Us and let’s take your business to a whole other level together! Keep following us for more such content.

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