7 Compelling benefits of using PPC advertising for your business

7 Compelling benefits of using PPC advertising for your business

Are you looking for a new way to advertise your brand online with good ROI?

Here is an interesting fact: Nearly 63.5% of the world’s total population uses the internet. This is only expected to grow in the future. This online medium brought several new horizons for brands to advertise and reach their audiences. Internet advertising offers a more affordable,  effective, flexible, and comparatively easy-to-monitor medium for promoting products and services.  

As per Clutch. co,  ⅓ people click on a paid search as it answers their search query easily. Consequently,  this has made PPC Advertising popular and is now extensively used by brands. 

Let’s tell you more about how PPC works and the top 8 benefits of PPC advertising for brands. 


What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a form of online advertising. In this, advertisers can pay to display their ads in search engines like Google or Bing, etc. The fee is paid whenever a customer will click on that ad. 

Consequently,  whenever a customer will search for anything on search engines they get to see the ads placed under PPC at the top. For instance, if you search ‘winter jackets’ on google, you will see some paid ads placed at the top. If customers click it, then the advertiser will have to pay for it. 

After understanding what PPC is and how it works, let’s tell you about the compelling benefits of using PPC advertising for brands. 


Top 8 benefits of using PPC Advertising for brands 

There are several benefits to using PPC advertising:

  • Cost-effective Advertising 

Do you feel that internet advertising is getting expensive for you? Are you looking for ways to increase your ROI within budget? 

If so, then PPC Advertising brings you the best deals where you can advertise on the internet under your budget. In other forms of ads, you will have to pay irrespective of how many people look at it or take action on it. But, in PPC you only need to pay when your ads are clicked, which brings a decent value for the money you spend. 

Moreover, you can constantly change your budgets and preferences to place the ad. This benefit makes it ideal for multinational companies as well as small local shops. 

  • The choice to place different kinds of Ads 

In PPC, advertisers get a chance to monitor the stats of the ads they place. Through this, they can place different kinds of ads on your brands to analyze their performance. For instance, some ads can be simple and others can be creative and colorful. 

The figures can be helpful in decision-making for further ad placements in PPC. They will let you know whether a particular ad is performing well if you need to change something in it. 

  • Better Brand Recognition 

Do you want more and more people to know about your brand?

A major reason for brands to invest in advertising is to get their brand recognition in the industry and make people aware of it. For this purpose, PPC Advertising is important because it makes more people know about your brand. 

When your PPC Ad will show up in search results, more people searching online will know about it. Consequently, this will help your brand to get a good reputation even if people won’t necessarily click your ad. 

  • Instant Use

Are you someone who doesn’t want to wait for the beginning of their new advertising campaign? 

If so, PPC Advertising is quick for setting up a new advertising campaign.  There are no contracts or formalities in it. You can simply set up your PPC campaign as per your preferences and budget and it’s done. 

Your campaign will be online and you will begin getting the benefits of PPC instantly. So, even if your competitors are engaging in online advertising for a long time, you can easily catch up with PPC. 

PPC is a lot different from SEO. SEO takes too much effort and investment to get you to the top position in search results. However,  you can get similar benefits instantly with PPC campaigns. 

  • Easy to Target Audiences 

PPC has brought a new way to easily target audiences who might be interested in your products rather than engaging with everyone. 

These target audiences can be turned into leads and then customers for more sales and benefits. For this, you can use specific keywords that people type while searching for a particular product or service in your industry.

It lets you target your ads to specific people that are chosen on demographics, interests, past online activity, etc. Also, it helps remarket where you can target the search results of people who visited your website. 

PPC even gives you the flexibility to test and try out a mix of keywords to target your audiences. This helps you to be sure that you get the best value from it. 

In terms of brand goals, you can test the performance of ads and create expectations and goals. Also,  you can make new plans with your budget to optimize your PPC campaigns. 

Overall, it gives you a chance to target people that might be interested in your product but are not aware of your brand. 

  • Measurable Results 

A contrasting difference between online advertising and traditional advertising is measurable Results. The latter has no specific way to analyze the results of an ad while the internet gives this benefit. 

You can see impressions, clicks, and conversations of every ad you place through PPC Advertising.  These detailed analytics and stats will give you a precise layout of the performance of your campaign. Also, you will be better informed about the results they bring for the amount you spend. 

  • Easy to Control

An advertiser will always look for options to control and optimize their campaigns for aligning them with their brand goals and target audiences.  It begins by using keywords and target audience specifications like demographics, past internet activities, etc to choose the target audiences. Even if you have a small budget, PPC gives you the option to implement it. 

In this way, you get another control with flexibility in terms of the budget that will be spent only when your ad is clicked. So, if you see a positive impact and better results then you can continue or increase it. If you see a decline, you have the freedom to change or stop it instantly. 

This kind of control is not available in other marketing campaigns and channels. The flexibility to make new optimizations and test them daily will give you enough time and options to shape your campaign beneficially. 

  • Easy to integrate with other marketing activities 

Content marketing is the latest trend in Digital marketing and the majority of businesses are turning their heads toward it. 

This kind of marketing is all about producing original and valuable content for customers that solves their problems. Further, it compels them to enter the buying cycle. So, you can integrate your PPC campaign by placing your paid ads in that unique content through Google Ads to get better ROI.

In this way, PPC Advertising is easy to integrate with other forms of advertising. Moreover, PPC brings similar traffic and benefits as you get from SEO by ranking at the top for people who use Google for finding information or purchasing a product.  

Summing up 

As per Techjury, Paid advertisements bring 65% of traffic. In contrast, organic attempts bring 35% of clicks only. So, everyone looking for advertising on the internet must know about PPC. 

Pay-per-click advertising enables you to instantly put up ads, get better results, measure them, offer more control of the advertising campaign, and a chance to integrate it with other marketing channels among other benefits. 


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